System Integration

recognizing the growing need for businesses to integrate their systems for greater productivity and efficiency has provided the expertise to both designs and install cost-effective Local Area Network (LAN) as well as Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions particularly for the use of Intranet and Internet access requirements which has grown to be a popular trend.

Integration packages are specially tailored and customized to suit customers needs while taking into consideration of their future expansion needs so as their businesses grow, their systems would not be rendered obsolete in such a short period of time.

Cloud  Hosting Services

Isolating your cost,traffic and availability by connecting to a worldwide Cloud center like us. Worries-free and flexible scaling your resources and avoid any vendor lock-in and technology friendly protection. As your organisation evolves, same apply to your infrastructure and your applications which your data hosted deliver the best possible results while keeping your costs under control without sacrificing the performance and security thru our sophisticated multi-cloud architecture either Co-Location, VPS or Hosted services 

A dedicated link to UNICONloud's fibre-optic network between datacentres in Malaysia and Singapore provides high Service Level Assurance and Availability across all regions, for all your business solutions. Take advantage of UNICONcloud's powerful Hybrid network bandwidth, with unmetered traffic – FREE


We are your true business partner dedicated to solving your needs today and strengthening your connectivity for tomorrow by delivering reliable connections to customers needs with a foundation built on our Imternational peering partner and Upstream Provider. We provide you with the reliability of keeping customers and endpoints connected, and failover options to protect your data-intensive needs and scalable demands.

Whether customers are expanding their wide area network, SD-WAN  or cloud infrastructure, the need for more bandwidth, resiliency, throughput, latency and reliability of respective end-points. With a dedicated partner like us, customer can extend their reach and strengthen those connectivity to deliver consistent quality and latency-sensitive network keeps their data transmit securely

Some services including of 

 Internet Access (Metro-E or Ethernet GPON Biz Fibre) Single or Multi-Site Connectivity such as Ethernet Private Line (EPL), IP VPN, MPLS and IPLC.  Collaboration (UCaaS), SIP Trunking (incl Cloud PBX) and Managed SD/WAN , Firewall and Public Wifi

Creative service

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About Universal Connections Technologies

(a member of UNICON group of companies)

Universal Connections Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd is one of the UNICON Group of Companies dynamic and rapidly growing company in effort to provide technology concept and strategy with the key objective of providing a comprehensive array of services including systems integration, telecommunications including of Internet services, IP VPN, MPLS, IP Transit and IPLC), Turnkey business solutions, Network management and consultancy, Cloud hosting services including of Co-LO and Cloud PBX, Smart Wifi & Smart Community. We have been a key player in the Malaysian IT Market for over 28 years, ever since it began operations in 1996

With its vision of always providing the best products as well as solutions and support for its customers with offices at Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Shenzhen, the company is set to make its impact in today’s growing and fast paced IT industry.

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Our clients

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